What does Recurrent AI do?

We use artificial intelligence to analyze speech or text in order to derive data-driven insights from conversations between sales or service agents and customers. 
The insights from thousands of conversations is used by revenue teams in marketing, sales, customer experience, and eCommerce to improve buying experiences, increase conversions, take actions and ultimately, to drive more revenue. Together with Recurrent AI, you can reveal reality for every conversation to increase your sales productivity, gain more customer insights and their preferences and empower your agents to have better performance.

Our Products

Recurrent AI Insight

Insight is a conversation intelligence software which specializes in providing actionable insights from every conversation that happened between your revenue teams and customers (prospects) via multiple communication channels (Call center, APP, IM, meeting tools, retail stores etc.). 

Recurrent AI Compliance

Compliance is an AI automatic inspection software for conversational data (voice & text) with the features of flexible configuration, high accuracy rate & recall rate, easy to use & adopt etc.

Recurrent AI Expert

Expert is a virtual assistant software that provides real- time conversation tips prompts, selling process navigation, customer profiles, knowledge base for sales reps in many different sectors, enable all frontline employees to be expert. 

Wearable Smart Badge

In order to collect conversation data in stores or offline scenarios, Recurrent AI create this smart devices as a badge which has advance voice collect & recording function. This device is widely used in retail stores or showrooms in the sectors of real estate, automobile, retail.

Why Choose Us

Scaled Adoption

We have analyzed 100+ million conversations and empower 1 million reps daily

One-stop Solutions

Tailored “AI capabilities + software + hardware + content” end-to-end solution to adapt your business goals quickly

Industrial Experience

Extensive industrial “know-how” knowledge and delivery capabilities to shorten your projects’ time to value

Easy to Use

10000+ plug & play models available to use, and still growing

Focus on SalesTech

Unique sales growth methodologies enable your sales process more visibility

Advanced AI Technologies

Advanced AI technologies (ASR, NLP, machine learning etc.) to accelerate the efficiency of AI adoption

Our Customers Love Us

Recurrent AI has transformed our call center operations through Conversation Intelligence, enabling us to transcribe and analyze agent-customer interactions. This has improved our understanding of customer needs and agent performance. Real-time guidance and targeted coaching have enhanced communication skills, while automated workflows have streamlined processes, leading to increased customer satisfaction and growth.

Recurrent AI ensure collection team never say things that can result in regulatory violations, fines, or lawsuits. We can utilize real-time AI-based guidance to help collection team adhere to vital segments of company scripts or industry disclosures effectively also can elevate performance to next levels through targeted coaching, and automated workflows.

Recurrent AI allows us to have visibility into customer conversations when in-person communication. We can transform customer interactions into strategic insights and get a complete picture of business utilizing Recurrent AI Insight.

Recurrent AI has enabled us gain actionable Insights with Conversation Intelligence which allows us transcribe and analyze 100% of its agent-customer conversations. We can have a deep understanding of customers and also identify agent behaviors or attributes that are contributing to the student experience. 

Awards & Recognition


We're Trusted and Supported by Global Investors

Recurrent AI was founded in 2016 and its founding team members are from Tsinghua University and Carnegie Mellon University. The company is supported by some worldwide successful and insightful investors, including Boyu Capital, Sequoia Capital China, ZhenFund, Eminence Ventures.

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