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AI enabled sales technologies to give your sales teams and management teams personalized visibility into every conversation that happened between your sales reps and customers (prospects).

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What We Commit to Our Clients?

Reveal reality form every conversation to increase your Sales productivity

Empower your people to have better performance

Gain more insights into customers and their preferences

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Sales reps empowered daily
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Conversations processed daily
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Plug & play models
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What We Do

Capture and Analyze Every Convesation

Recurrent AI provides a simple, scalable solution to capture and analyze all customer calls, meetings, and emails to create visibility, drive process and behavior changes, and deliver bottom line impact.

Uplevel all your sales behavior and their performance

Analyze every call and quickly identify what top performers do differently, so you can replicate winning behaviors and SOP across the entire team to uplevel your team’s performance. Quickly identify your team members’ shortcomings and execution states.

Know your customers from real conversations

Gain more insights and questions about your Marketing Intelligence, Product, Pricing, Services, and Customer preferences from real conversations. Enable your C-Suite and management team to make better strategic decisions.

Real-time conversation assistant during live calls and video meetings

Recurrent AI equips sales reps with the best practices from top performers, knowledge, dialogue script prompt etc to improve their productivity during live calls.

Reduce compliance risk with the new AI capabilities

High accuracy rate and recall rate to measure team performance on 100% of conversations in a way which aligns with the company’s and local government’s compliance policies.

Our Values

Scaled Adoption

We have analyzed 100+ million conversations and empower 1 million reps daily

One-stop Solutions

Tailored “AI capabilities + software + hardware + content” end-to-end solution to adapt your business goals quickly

Industrial Experience

Extensive industrial “know-how” knowledge and delivery capabilities to shorten your projects’ time to value

Easy to Use

10000+ plug & play models available to use, and still growing

Focus on SalesTech

Unique sales growth methodologies enable your sales process more visibility

Advanced AI Technologies

Advanced AI technologies (ASR, NLP, machine learning etc.) to accelerate the efficiency of AI adoption

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